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Does Murdoch have any pre-requisite subjects for the undergraduate courses?

Murdoch does not have prerequisite subjects for the undergraduate courses as we are a strong promoter of a well-rounded education. However, we recommend you have Math or an understanding of Logic for the Information Technology courses.

What makes an institution accredited?

The process is carried out by external accreditation agencies to ensure that an institution offering degrees and/or certificate programs has the resources and necessary infrastructure to meet international academic standards. This is ensured through an extensive and rigorous process of evaluation of the following areas:

Institution's mission/vision Educational practices Administration
Faculty Financial stability Policies and student services, etc.

Institutions are expected to maintain international standards and are subject to review and inspection periodically. Accreditation must be verified by an external agency rather than an interested party such as the institution itself, its parent company or a student.

Is Murdoch University Dubai accredited?

Our campus is licenced by the Dubai Government regulator, Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA). It is also regulated from Australia by the Australian government’s national quality assurance and regulatory agency for higher education, Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA). This double government-level oversight assures you of the highest quality, internationally-recognised education.

Is there an entrance exam or an interview?

There is no entrance exam or interview. Your application is assessed on the basis of your previous academic grades.

When should I apply? I am in my final year of high school, and I will graduate in May/June?

Early applications will be given first preference. Therefore, we would advise you to apply at the earliest. Please contact our Admissions team for early acceptance deadlines.

Do you accept GED certificate?

Murdoch University Dubai accepts the GED into our Foundation program.

Criteria: If a student passes all four subjects, we can accept them into our Foundation program. Passing each test subject means you need a score of 145 or higher.

How can I take double majors?

To take a double major, students simply take the core units from another major in place of their general elective units. Dual majors can be done within the same duration if major is within the same discipline.

When are your intakes for the undergraduate programs?

For the undergraduate programs we now have three intakes a year - September, January and May.

Is the degree obtained at Murdoch University Dubai of equivalent standards to one obtained by students studying in Australia?

The degree awarded in Dubai is exactly the same as awarded in Australia. Both campuses have the same admissions requirements, follow an identical academic curriculum, use common faculty and offer the same careers service and student service support. There is no difference therefore, the degree awarded is exactly the same as conferred on campus in Australia.