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You can submit your application online to study at Murdoch University through this web page.

Before you submit your application, please make sure that:

  • You know which program you want to study, and which date you want to start.
  • You have electronic copies of your academic transcripts, which you will need to attach to your online application.
  • Please note: The limit for all attachments on your application is 25MB.

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Murdoch Online Application

Section A: Personal details

Applicant address details

Include +Country Code and Area Code

Include +Country Code and Area Code

You will be contacted via email with important information relevant to your application such as admission updates, enrolment instructions, compulsory orientation activities and coming events. For your application to proceed, please clearly state your personal email address.

Section B: Course preferences

Please select your course preference, and one major if applicable, from the list below. Full details about the course you are applying to can be found at Programs

Intake Period

Section C: English language proficiency

Section D: Academic qualifications

Certified copies of academic qualifications indicating grades and awards received MUST be submitted with this application. If qualifications are in a language other than English, please also supply certified translated copies.

Current academic study (course yet to complete)

Previous academic studies (Include details of all your previous academic qualifications. Please list your most recent qualifications first)

Previous academic studies (Include details of all your previous academic qualifications. Please list your most recent qualifications first)

If you are applying for a Bachelor Degree and your academic qualifications do not meet the entry requirements for your preferred course at Murdoch University, you may automatically be considered for a pathway program at Murdoch University Dubai. If this is the case, you will be given a package o er from Murdoch University Dubai. For more information about Murdoch University Dubai, visit

Section E: Advanced standing/credit for previous study

Section F: Employment/work experience details

Section G: Sponsorships

Section H: Equity and Disability

If you have a disability which means that you may require additional help at Murdoch University Dubai, it is important that you provide the following information. This informationn will be kept confidential and will not affect your admission to the university.

Section I: Important information for applicants

Privacy and Confidentiality of students’ personal information. See Privacy Policy

Section J: Representative’s contact details

Section K: Declaration and signature

1. I wish to be considered for entry to the course listed above, and declare that all the information submitted on this application form is correct and complete.

2. I declare that all the information I have given in this application is true, correct and complete, and is not false or misleading. I understand that giving false or misleading information is a serious offence.

3. I declare that the signature on this form is my signature and has not been signed on my behalf by another person, including my agent or sponsor.

4. I declare that I have not been excluded or subject to disciplinary action at any tertiary institution.

5. I have read and understood the University’s refund policy at Fees Page

6. I authorise any institution or organisation named on any document provided as evidence of my qualifications or work experience or which are named in my application, to release to the University any personal information which they may hold about me for the purpose of verification of my supporting documents.

7. I understand that any information provided to the University may be made available to Australian Commonwealth and state government departments and agencies, pursuant to the University’s obligations under Australian or state law and the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in accordance with the ministry’s license agreement.

8. I agree to be bound by all the Rules and Regulations and any relevant Policies of the University.

9. If payment for my course is made by a sponsor (a third party paying my tuition fees or nominated by me as my sponsor), I agree to the release of all information to my sponsor regarding my application and subsequent enrolment included my subject results, progress reports and enrolment details (including contact details).

10. I understand that I am fully responsible for my education and living expenses while studying at the University.

11. I understand and agree to abide by the requirement of a student visa holder whilst in the United Arab Emirates:

  • I am not permitted to work whilst on a student visa
  • I must remain in full-time study while I am on a University-sponsored visa and if I finish my program early, I must cancel my visa, depart the country or transfer my visa to another company/sponsor.

12. I will notify the University if there is any change to the information I have provided in this application.

13. I understand that the University reserves the right to vary any decision regarding admission or enrolment made on the basis of incorrect or incomplete information.

14. I authorise the University to assess my eligibility for a university pathway course, if I am assessed as ineligible for admission to any of the courses nominated in this application.

15. I understand that the University is under no obligation to return any documentssubmitted in hard copy by me and that documents remain the property of the University and may be disposed of.

Signature of applicant (not agent):

Parent’s/guardian’s signature

Section L: Checklist

Warning: It is an offence to submit fraudulent documentation in support of an application. Where fraudulent documents are detected the application will be rejected, any offer of enrolment will be withdrawn and any student already studying at Murdoch University Dubai will have their enrolment cancelled and the matter maybe reported to the Police and Immigration.