Are you ready to start your journey to university? We’ll help you find out what courses and units you need to complete to get into Murdoch.

Find your pathway into Murdoch Dubai

Joining university is simpler than it seems. If you are unsure whether you qualify for entry or which course to take, our range of pathways can help you get into Murdoch. Check out the Foundation and Diploma programs available to find the best fit for you.


The Foundation Program is equivalent to Year 12 and prepares you for entry into first year degree studies. Students can apply for this program after completing their O Levels or 11th grade in high school. 

Apart from your discipline (Business, IT or Arts and Communication), various support services focusing on language, literacy and numeracy assistance are also available to help you in your studies. Each unit includes four hours of classes per week. Assessment for all units is continuous and includes tests, assignments and case study analysis. Most units have a final two-hour examination. To graduate from Murdoch's Foundation Program, you must complete and pass all eight units.


The Murdoch University Diploma programs are equivalent to the 1st year of your undergraduate studies and offer the best possible start to your studies. When you successfully complete the course, you can progress directly into the second year of your bachelor's degree. 

We offer the Diploma programs across all four major disciplines – Business, Information Technology, Communication and Psychology. All Diploma courses require you to successfully finish eight units, leaving you with 16 units to complete in your bachelor's degree. 

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