Our graduate students

Our graduate students

The Murdoch University in Dubai offers undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs along with diploma courses that help students gain knowledge about their chosen field of study.

Murdoch University’s Dubai campus is a vibrant hub of international learning and research, offering Murdoch Dubai postgraduate and undergraduate degrees in business, education, IT and nursing.

Dubai has become a popular destination for students from all over the world looking to study abroad. With our campus in Dubai International Academic City (DIAC), Murdoch is one of only two Australian universities based in the UAE capital.


We place great importance on our alumni. You play a crucial role in ensuring that our university develops and enhances the educational experience for all of Dubai graduated students.

Our teaching and research initiatives build a solid foundation that encourages our alumni to think creatively, invent new solutions to problems, and make a substantial impact on regional and global issues. We are proud of each and every one of our graduates and the Murdoch ideals you support as you navigate life.

The individual adventures of our graduates serve as an example of how the enthusiasm and passion that Murdoch University ignites, can lead to initiating careers that make a difference, whether they are leaders in politics, business, and research, or those working for the climate or at the forefront of civil society.

Murdoch alumni have gone on to achieve a variety of roles, from business executives to firefighters, teachers, engineers, and doctors. Many Murdoch alumni continue to live overseas but remain connected with their university through fundraising events and other activities.

Career services

  • Internships: Whether you want to work in an industry or just get your foot in the door, internships are a great way to gain experience and make connections. Many of our graduates find paid internships, but we also offer unpaid internships to help students learn how to create and apply for them.
  • Networking: You'll have plenty of opportunities at our career events and workshops to network with professionals from all different industries. We encourage students who aren't sure what they want yet to attend these events so they can get a sense of what their options are before focusing on one area too much.
  • Job fairs: As part of your career development, we will help you find out about upcoming job fairs in the area that may be hiring for positions that interest you—and don't forget about our annual Career Fair!


After their Murdoch Dubai Graduation, the career paths of our graduates range from engineering to marketing and sales, but however they choose to use their degrees, all have found success.

Some graduates have stayed in the UAE and chosen jobs in the same line of work as their degree. Others have gone on to study further or moved overseas for professional opportunities.