Earn while you learn

Getting a part-time job

Many full-time students decide to get a part-time job during their university years. It means being able to gain real-world experience while still working towards your degree, so that when you graduate, you'll be ready to go out into the world and take on any career with confidence. For many students, both local and international, you can earn while you learn to cover pocket money, tuition payments, or everyday expenses.

In Dubai, there are many government-approved part-time jobs and internships that students can apply for to earn and learn simultaneously. If you decide to work while you learn as an international student, your employer may apply to grant you a temporary work permit which will allow you to legally work during the duration of your academic program. For student work options, visit the government-approved job portal oliv.com. Part-time employment in the fashion sector, at a big show, as a meeter and greeter at a theme park, or even with the Dubai Police will provide you with vital real-life experience and money as you work while you learn.

Check all of the available opportunities to earn and learn now and contact us if you shall have any further questions or concerns.