What is Orientation?

University orientation is the process by which all new students, as well as incoming graduate, international, and transfer students, are introduced to all aspects of student life. It’s all about adjustment and getting used to your new university environment.

Here, at Murdoch University, the orientation usually starts the week before the classes formally start and is called Orientation Week. It offers students a wide range of valuable info sessions and experiences. All the students can access those sessions both online and in person.

What is O-day and what do students learn during it?

O-day is one of the most important events. That’s our orientation and social connection day, and it is held on campus. During that day, students will learn about their classes and get familiar with the campus. All the students will be able to check out where their classes will be held. They will check out all our great facilities and learn where to access help, e.g., where to get coffee.

Meeting new people can be daunting, so this is an amazing opportunity for students to meet with their fellow students who share similar interests and experiences. They will learn how to get involved in various student activities. During this time, students will also meet their professors for the first time and will be able to ask their questions about the classes.

Our campus is very beautiful, friendly, and inclusive. You’ll not feel left out. On the contrary, we are working so hard to create all the necessary things for the students so that they don’t even feel like they are away from home. We are striving to create an inclusive community where everyone will feel at home.

What to do if you miss our campus orientation?

Do you wonder what happens if you miss a university campus orientation? First of all, we highly recommend all the students take part in our orientation week. But if, for some reason, it’s not possible, here are some options for you.

If you miss an orientation session, you may be able to catch up on what you missed by attending another orientation session. You should also talk to your academic advisor about any information that was presented during orientation sessions and ask if there's anything else they'd recommend you learn before classes begin. Also, if you won’t be able to attend the offline sessions, remember that our orientation sessions are available online too.

How to prepare for Orientation?

You have to log into your Orientation portal, where you will find all the important information about the Orientation. Use the login details that you created when you accepted your offer. Then check out the checklist on the homepage to see all the upcoming topics we’ll cover. Always remember to keep your contact details up to date.