Student Clubs

Student Clubs

Whatever your interests are now, or whatever new ones you discover once on campus, Murdoch University Dubai offers extracurricular organisation and clubs for you. The purpose of these student-led clubs is to provide different opportunities for experience and learning, besides building new habits for your current and future life.

You can be a part of the following clubs and teams at Murdoch University Dubai:

  • Book Club
  • Photography Club
  • Music & Creative Arts Club
  • Anime club
  • Dance Club
  • Gaming Club
  • MUN Club
  • Debate Club
  • Media Club
  • Sports Club (Basketball, Football, Badminton)
  • ‘Voice’/Open Mic Team
  • Cultural Day Organising Committee
  • Hackathon Team
  • Think Big Team – annual entrepreneurship challenge across all three Murdoch campuses

Student Council

Our Student Council is elected annually and currently offers the below positions:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Events & Communications Coordinator
  • Sports Coordinator
  • Pathways & UG Representative

Being part of the Council is a great opportunity to build skills like leadership, communication, events planning, conflict resolution, teamwork.

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