Accept your offer

Congratulations on receiving an offer to study at Murdoch University Dubai! Now, all you need to do is follow the steps below.

Step 1

Understand your Letter of Offer

Your Letter of Offer will outline the following:

  • Murdoch University Dubai courses that have been offered
  • Duration of the courses
  • Commencement dates
  • Tuition fees & scholarships offered
  • Conditions on your Letter of Offer*

Examples of conditions may include providing official or certified copies of academic transcripts, evidence, or English proficiency, e.g., IELTS. You must fulfil your conditions to be eligible to proceed with your enrolment or student visa application.

*You can accept your Letter of Offer before meeting the conditions. However, you must meet the conditions before you start the program, ideally before orientation week.

Step 2

Acceptance and payment of fees

  • In order to secure your place, it is necessary to pay the fees and charges due as indicated in sections 3 & 4 of your Letter of Offer. This will include your first-trimester course fees, visa fees, medical insurance fee & cautionary deposit (if applicable).
  • When paying the tuition fee, students must include their Murdoch University Dubai Student ID, as listed in the Letter of Offer.
  • For payment options, visit our Fees & Payment page.
  • Complete and sign sections 3 & 4 of your Letter of Offer and return it with your proof of payment.

Get assistance

Remember to contact your agent

If you have applied through an agent, it is best to contact them to seek assistance. Your agent will advise you, liaise with the University on your behalf and help you through the entire acceptance and visa application process.

Step 3

Receive confirmation from Murdoch University Dubai

Once we receive your payment and the signed Letter of Offer, you will be issued with a receipt and provided with a confirmation about your acceptance at Murdoch.

International Students will also receive further details and documents required for the visa process.

To understand more about the UAE student visa process, visit our Student Visa Page.