Global alumni network

Global alumni network

As a graduate of Murdoch University, we welcome you to the Murdoch alumni family and our global alumni network. A diverse community of over 80,000 free-thinkers making a difference around the world.

We have a huge global alumni network, and we're proud of our graduates and their achievements. We're based in Perth, but our alumni are spread throughout the world. Our teaching and research programs create a strong foundation that inspires graduates to think freely, innovate, and make a meaningful contribution to local and global challenges.

Alumni are important to us. As an alumnus, you are a vital part of ensuring our university continues to evolve and bring depth to the student experience. The teaching and research programs we offer create a strong foundation that inspires our alumni to think freely, innovate and make a significant contribution to local and national challenges. We are proud of each of our alumni and the Murdoch values you uphold as you forge your way in the world.

Join Murdoch’s global alumni network

It's easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of daily life. That’s where a strong alumni network can help you stay on top of things.

Your alumni network can be a source of information, advice and support as you navigate through your career search. It should not only include those who went to school with you but also those who graduated at slightly different times or from different programs within the institution.

All of our alumni get to make the most of the benefits of a strong alumni network. That includes connecting with people who share your interests, sharing knowledge, experience and advice, finding a mentor or someone to look up to, and vice versa, and finding a job or internship opportunity through the network of alumni you've made connections with over the years.

If you're not a member of Murdoch’s global alumni network yet, it's time to start - make sure you have joined our Dubai Alumni LinkedIn group. You can also write to to update your contact details and join our mailing list.