Graduate Certificate in Education (International Education)

Key Information

Duration and course structure

8 months, 2 trimesters (12 credits)

Intake dates


Mode of delivery

On campus


Tuition Fee for the Entire Course

(AED): 25,000

Tuition fees are inclusive of VAT.

Qualification: Graduate Certificate in Education

We’ve designed graduate certificate in education programs for majors to help teachers improve their skills in certain areas and phases of learning. The program brings new pedagogies, content, and perspectives into current teaching practices. This course offers teachers a multifaceted approach to ensure high levels of engagement and great learning experiences for all of them. This way, it personalises the learning process and addresses a bunch of educational issues that we face nowadays.

About the Graduate Major in International Education

We’ve designed a program for “Graduate Major in International Education” for in-service teaching professionals. During the course, the students will study the history and development of international education. They will examine how international mindedness is conceptualised as well as current trends in curriculum internationalisation. Students will get a chance to study the different types of international curriculum models and practices. They will be introduced to the important elements of the International Baccalaureate (IB) suite of programs, which include the  Primary Years Program, Middle Years Program, and Diploma Program. At the end of the program, students will have IB teaching certification. 

Why study Graduate Certificate in International Education at Murdoch University?

Here at Murdoch University, we offer the best graduate program in international education in Dubai. Here are a bunch of reasons why you should choose us to get your master's in international education:

  • Students get a chance to develop a teaching portfolio throughout the course
  • They will have an opportunity to meet and talk to international school teachers
  • Our program is authorised and aligned to the IB Teaching and Learning Certificate.
  • Throughout the whole course, students will be able to get the necessary skills and knowledge to grow their careers

What will the students get after the program?

Students will be eligible to receive an IB certificate in teaching and learning after the program as our course has been authorised by the International Baccalaureate (IB). Murdoch’s teaching degree will open new doors for the students as they will be able to work in international schools all over the world, including International Baccalaureate schools and those that are internationalising their curriculum.

Course structure

  • EDU616 (3cp) - Teaching, Learning and Working in Culturally Diverse Environments: This unit is designed for anyone wishing to better understand what constitutes culture, and the social dynamics of culturally diverse environments. It addresses critical issues related to cultural diversity in education, at work and the community at large – to make one more effective and confident in intercultural interactions.

  • EDN 519 (3cp) - International Education: Issues and Practices: This unit focuses on the key concepts, issues and practices surrounding international education and schools, including the impact of globalization and internationalization, and the nature of international mindedness.

  • EDN 517 (6cp) - Learning: Multiple Perspectives, Policies and Practice: This capstone unit offers an individual inquiry-based approach to learning where students critically reflect on their work, form insights on the contextual factors, policies and practices that influence it, and ultimately improve their practice. Students explore critical incidents related to their work from multiple perspectives, and analyse, evaluate and reflect on them via a theoretical framework.

Faculty profiles – M.ED

Faiza Qureshi is the Discipline Lead for the Master of Education and Foundation Programs at Murdoch University, Dubai. She is the Chair of the Learning and Teaching Committee and a full-time lecturer for MEd and Graduate Certificates in Education courses. She is pursuing a PhD from Murdoch University (Australia), holds a Master of Education degree from Murdoch University (Dubai), a Dip. in English (University of London, UK), an ICELT (Cambridge, UK) and is a Senior Fellow of Advance HE (UK).

She is currently engaged in research projects in quality of assessment in transnational higher education, hybrid teaching and learning, cultural identity, student support in HE, academic integrity in HE and academic writing challenges in international universities. She has published several articles on ELT and teacher motivation and job satisfaction in academic journals and has been on an ELT Journal editorial board for several years. She has also co-authored an ESL book and few works of fiction.