School partners

From high school to university

The transition from high school to university is a big step for students. They will be moving away from their comfort zones and into an environment that is more demanding and challenging. University life is different from high school, so it takes time to adapt. However, with the right tools, students can make this transition in no time at all.

Murdoch University Dubai works closely with schools in the UAE and internationally to offer high-value benefits to students, teachers, and school staff members.

College workshops for high school students

We regularly host virtual and in-person skill development workshops for our high school partners on topics ranging from critical thinking and problem solving to preparing for jobs of the future. These school workshops help the students work on their skills and gain new ones. Students also get answers on how to get into a university after high school and how to prepare for it.

If you are interested in Murdoch’s workshop for education, you can contact us at to schedule a session for your school.

Mondays @ Murdoch

Mondays @ Murdoch is our series of weekly webinars geared at supporting students, educators, and working professionals with free training workshops, information sessions, and panel discussions. We have had extremely insightful sessions on The Importance of Cybersecurity, Vlogging, Identifying Fake News, Introduction to Podcasts, Powerful Tools to Fight Depression, Online Trading in Financial Markets and many more.

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Teacher Leadership Course

Our 5-week Teacher Leadership Course offers 20 hours of professional development specifically for leading and managing change in the education environment. Participants use a design-thinking approach to plan and implement real-life change in their schools and classrooms by matching concept to context.

We run our Teacher Leadership Course multiple times a year. To find out more about the next edition, contact us at