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Student Testimonials


Sri Lanka

SC Computer Science and Business Information Systems

I chose Murdoch University Dubai as it gives me an Australian degree, but allows me the opportunity to fast-track my education.

The lecturers push us to do our best both inside and outside the classroom and want us to excel both in terms of our education, as well as within the industry.


Adelaide, Australia

MBA Alumni

It was a natural choice for me to choose Murdoch Dubai. Eventually I will move back to Australia, so I wanted to re-establish my connections back in Australia. Murdoch University is synonymous in Australia, and is one of the highest-ranking universities globally, so it was a natural choice.

Studying at Murdoch University Dubai has given me such a different perspective on global business, as well as the different insights studying with my peers. We are moving into a global society, so having those insights from my peers has been a great advantage to me.


Melbourne, Australia

MBA Alumni

I chose Murdoch Dubai because as an Australian I wanted to study at an Australian university and also because it allowed me to combine full-time study with full-time work.

Dubai is an incredible and multicultural city that has so much opportunity. It is very much in it’s infancy in so many ways, so you can be a real part of something that is growing and developing. Also provides you with the opportunity to meet people from all over the world.

As an MBA Alumni from Murdoch University Dubai, I am very excited by the foundations that have been given to me to further my career, not only in Dubai, but the rest of the world.


South Africa


The Murdoch MBA program has been of benefit to me by allowing me to identify a problems within management style and my current full-time job, that I would not have otherwise have identified had I not been doing my MBA through Murdoch University Dubai.

I chose to study in Dubai, as Dubai is in the centre of the world. Coming from South Africa it's very isolated and even traveling to other countries is very difficult and it's expensive. From Dubai being so close to everyone it makes it so much easier for you to not only reach those places but also to get the influence and the experience from countries around you.



Master of Education

I chose to study at Murdoch University Dubai as it offers a highly recognized degree right here in Dubai, of world standing.

Murdoch Dubai offers a really fun campus experience with lots of different nationalities, as well as offering an academically charged environment, which I really enjoy.

I would highly recommend studying in Murdoch University Dubai, especially the Masters of Education program. It is something that will take you far in your career and it will be an extremely enjoyable experience.


South Africa


I chose to study with Murdoch University Dubai because it provided me with an accredited Australian degree and it is close to my country.

Before coming to Dubai my initial thoughts were that this is a hot place, hot desert, but after arriving here I saw that it was the most beautiful place with lights and so much industrial areas. Beautiful skyscrapers and of course the Burj Khalifa.

I would not give up my study experience at Murdoch University Dubai for any other university. I love Australia, I love the way Australians teach and the way that we interact, the way that we learn here as well. The interactive online learning management system is just a innovative marvel that I think other universities can definitely learn from.



Bachelor of Computer Science

At Murdoch University Dubai the lecturers are there to help you at any time that you may have questions. From my own experience every time I sent them an email they would reply to me either the same day or by the next day. They are always willing to help all students.

I chose to study with Murdoch University Dubai, as their computer science major is highly recommended.

Mitchell Finlayson

Sydney, Australia

Bachelor of Communication (Journalism)

I chose Murdoch Dubai as the name Murdoch holds a strong value and reputation.

One of the most memorable experiences since commencing my studies with Murdoch University Dubai was last year, when we went to Georgia on our annual international trip. And this year we will have the opportunity to travel to Azerbaijan.

My overall experience of living in Dubai has been really good. Dubai has such an international population and everyone is so welcoming and I have gotten the opportunity to learn so much more about different countries, than what I would have back in Australia.

For any future students thinking of studying in Dubai, I would say to come here with open eyes and open heart. The community at Murdoch is very diverse and the classroom size is well proportioned and allows for one-on-one interaction between staff and students and the staff are always willing to help you, and go out of their own personal time to give the students the best that they possibly can.



Bachelor of Media and Communication

I chose Murdoch University Dubai as it offered me the opportunity to undertake a double major program, allowing me to study two majors at the same time. It also gives you an edge, where you can complete a three-year degree in two years.

To future students, in particular students from India, who are looking forward towards having a career in journalism or mass communication, I would suggest that this is the best place that you could ever start your career at. The reason is that you have such an experience from day one in your studies, academic writing, making videos, short films, documentaries and promotional videos that you understand the entire aspect of journalism and film making. Which I would say that you won't get it in India. So once you want to step out and you want to be at the helm of affairs and you want to succeed in life I would say Murdoch it's the place that you should come to.


South Africa

Bachelor of Business (Finance and Management)

Through my Murdoch degree program, I have been able to apply my studies directly in the workplace, which in turn has helped me develop my career.

The lecturers at Murdoch University Dubai openly share their experiences that they have accumulated and they help you grow and guide you to where you want to be.

At Murdoch University I feel a part of a community because of the events that we do, such as sports and social activities and we form a good relationship with our peers and lecturers.