Student Services & Support

Murdoch University Dubai has a range of facilities and services that provide a vibrant and supportive environment. Listed below are a number of services available to our students:

Student welfare

We have full-time student support staff on campus who are available for consultation on both personal and general matters. Appointments can be made to discuss issues such as:

  • Student safety
  • Loneliness, homesickness
  • Personal relationships, harassment
  • Your studies and academic difficulties
  • Financial problems
  • Employment options
  • Concerns regarding friends and family
  • Personal health
  • Legal difficulties

Student Society

The activities offered by clubs and societies play an important part in campus life at Murdoch. All enrolled students automatically become Murdoch Student Society members.

  • Sports & Recreation: Student Society is committed to providing the best sports programs, facilities and recreation activities for all students.
  • Clubs: Joining a club is a great way of finding new friends while allowing you to get the best out of your stay on campus.
  • Clubs: Joining a club is a great way of finding new friends while allowing you to get the best out of your stay on campus.

Student grievances

The Student Affairs Office works to protect your academic rights and help with academic issues, grievances, appeals, discriminations and harassment complaints, providing you have valid grounds.

Staff are available to assist and advise you in preparing your appeal. Advice is available on matters such as Unit Result Appeals, Deferred Assessment, Academic Progress, Withdrawals, Exclusions and Student Discipline etc. Don't hesitate to contact us should you require assistance with any issue or grievance affecting your studies.

Student transportation

Murdoch University provides transportation for students to and from the university via a bus service operating from selected locations in and around Dubai. For more information please contact the Student Services Staff.

Transportation Fee Collection Policy

Career advising

Our Student Support team offer career guidance, which is a vital service for all students. Its role is to assist students to plan their career, and to be able to effectively market themselves to potential employers. Students can make appointments with a Student Support staff member to discuss their own career direction. The Student Support staff can also help students with résumés, addressing selection criteria and preparing for interviews.


Murdoch University Dubai also collaborates with its corporate partners to offer internship programmes, which provides an opportunity for students to interact and network with our member companies. We aim to provide vital industry linkages and channels for our students in their career advancement process and to provide support for our corporate partners and other organizations who are interested in the recruitment of well-qualified job candidates. In addition, the Internship Training Programme aims to provide practical training for our students in industrial and commercial environments.