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Master of Science in Information Technology - Information Management

Tuition Fee (AED):



1.5 years full-time or part-time equivalent

Be a leader in the IT industry

This program is designed for graduates from an IT-related discipline. It is a professional qualification designed to provide you with practical understanding and knowledge for managing IT use, change and development. You will learn new applied skills in the areas of knowledge management of IT and benefit from an emphasis on professional practice, effective communication and project management using technical and non-technical means.

Students complete 36 credit points of advanced graduate-level units.

Your Learning Outcomes
  1. Demonstrate written, oral and interpersonal communication skills that support efficient and effective professional communication through documentation, technical reports and presentations to clients and the broader community

  2. Conduct a critical appraisal of the latest research and developments in ICT in general, and Information Management in particular

  3. Assess and evaluate relevant state-of-the-art systems and methodologies in Information Management

  4. Demonstrate skills in the management of projects, in particular, those relevant to the development of IT systems

  5. Demonstrate skills in handling legal and ethical issues relevant to professional practice in ICT

  6. Develop the theoretical and practical skills in the application of information security that are appropriate for a specific organisational context.

Murdoch University Dubai is the first AWS Academy member institution in the UAE, providing our MSc IT students the opportunity to complete the AWS Academy Machine Learning Foundations and the AWS Academy Data Analytics Foundations course with our AWS-accredited faculty.

Industry-relevant Units:

Core Units:

  1. ICT508 Information Technology Project Management

  2. ICT521 IT Professional Practice

  3. ICT615 Information Technology Research Methods

Major Units:

  1. ICT502 Applied Information Security Management

  2. ICT501 Business Analysis and Systems Development Approaches

  3. ICT616 Data Resources Management

  4. ICT622 Information Technology Strategy

  5. ICT505 Knowledge Management

  6. ICT621 IT Group Project

  7. ICT601 Business Analytics

  8. ICT612 Human Factors in Information Technology

You will focus on new applied skills in knowledge management, data communications and business analysis. Students will be able to increase their IT knowledge and benefit from an emphasis on professional practice, effective communication, and project management using technical and non-technical means.


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