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Diploma of Communication

The Diploma of Communication is designed to provide students with a broad introduction to communication in a supportive, student-centred learning environment. It will prepare students for further study or for a professional communication career.
Students will explore a broad range of discipline areas including, web and social media literacy; digital media and screen production and analysis; graphic design. They will also have a better understanding of career planning and management, as well as develop literacy skills that will enhance their academic and professional communication and language capabilities. The knowledge and skills gained through completing the Diploma will be directly transferable to either entry-level employment/work settings and/or to the second year of our Bachelor of Communication degree. 


8 units (2-3 trimesters)

Part-time study options are also available

Tuition Fee for the Entire Course:

AED 51,500

Course Structure:

Career Learning Spine:

  1. Career Learning: Managing your Career

Course Core Units:

  1. Language Enhancement
  2. Social Media
  3. Strategic Communication
  4. Thinking Communication
  5. Introduction to Digital Media Skills
  6. Introduction to Graphic Design
  7. Critical Web Literacy

Learning Outcomes:

  1. The various oral and written skills necessary to communicate effectively in English in an academic and workplace context.
  2. Planning, developing and managing personal career aspirations and goals and using tools to effectively showcase capabilities.
  3. Social media and their application in strategic communication management; (e.g. public relations) and the theoretical implications of the network society and online communications.
  4. Media literacy specific to the web, with the required critical skills and competencies to understand, evaluate and create online media content.
  5. Information and technological literacy in the context of academic study and professional practice.
  6. Developing practical design skills and an understanding of critical graphic design and new media history and theory.

Progress into the second year of your Murdoch University Dubai undergraduate degree.

You can continue your Bachelor of Communication with a major in:

  • Web Communication
  • Strategic Communication

Successful completion of the Diploma will allow you to enter into the second year of the bachelor’s degree at Murdoch University Dubai Campus with 8 units of credit.

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