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Criminology (Second Major only)

Tuition Fee (AED)

Dependent on first chosen major


3 years with the option to fast-track (6 Trimesters)

Part-time study options are also available


Dependent on first chosen major

Our understanding of crime and how to prevent it has grown and continues to grow substantially. Murdoch University’s criminology program is based on this evidence-based approach to tackling crime. As a result, our Criminology program has an excellent reputation and is being offered in Dubai.

The standalone Major is designed for students who are completing degrees in other majors. Students will want to take Criminology to complement their studies as well as employment opportunities. Students will develop a broad range of professional and personal skills, including the ability to think critically and creatively, apply knowledge and information and communicate effectively. These skills are widely sought after by employers in a broad range of industries.

In the Criminology Major, students will develop a broad understanding of the theories of crime with a particular focus on the psychology of criminal behaviour and the environmental factors which give rise to crime. This understanding will aid in the prevention and investigation of criminal behaviour and the effective management of offenders. The Major also covers the interaction between law and psychology as well as international and transnational crime. Students will develop proficiency in producing written and oral arguments and develop sound research skills. These skills will allow students to take an evidence-based approach to their chosen field of work. The skills will add to and complement their other studies.

The learning outcomes for the Criminology Major include:

  • Explain the causes/interventions/ prevention of criminal behaviour from sociological, historical, legal and psychological perspectives;

  • Distinguish between various types of international and transnational crime utilising the relevant legal and policy dimensions;

  • Communicate in a manner consistent with the norms of criminology for a range of audiences;

  • From a criminology perspective, critically analyse contemporary research findings to produce evidence-based conclusions; and

  • Through independent enquiry, apply the knowledge and skills that recognise diversity and the rights and perspectives of others in various contexts.

Course units:

  1. Introduction to Psychological Research Methods

  2. Introduction to Criminology

  3. Policing and Crime Prevention

  4. Alternative Dispute Resolution

  5. Criminal Behaviour

  6. International and Transnational Crimes

  7. Psychology and Law

  8. Crime Through the Ages

Recommended double majors

  • Cyber Security and Forensics

  • Finance

  • Journalism

  • Psychology

Career opportunities

  • Data Scientist

  • Forensic Analyst

  • Social Researcher

  • Criminal Investigation

  • Additional Careers in Sociology

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