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Graduate Certificate in Education (International Education)

The Graduate Certificate in Education suite of majors are designed specifically to upskill current qualified teachers in particular areas of need, interest and different phases of learning. The course aims to introduce new pedagogies, content and perspectives into current teaching practices. A multi-dimensional approach to upskilling qualified teachers will be offered to ensure high levels of engagement and authentic learning experiences. The program is designed to personalise learning and address contemporary educational issues facing the teaching workforce.

This Graduate Major in International Education is designed for in-service teaching professionals. It introduces the history and development of International Education as a field of study. It explores the conceptualisation of international mindedness and the trends to internationalise curriculum. It also examines and critiques a range of international curriculum models and practices, and introduces the essential elements of the International Baccalaureate (IB) suite of programs: Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme and Diploma Programme.

Students develop a Teaching Portfolio throughout the course and have opportunities to observe and converse with international school teachers. The Major is authorised and aligned to the IB Teaching and Learning Certificate.

Interested in further study in the field of international education? The units of this Graduate Certificate are nested in our Master of Education program, so you can progress with advanced standing and complete the MEd with only 24 additional points.

Tuition Fee for the Entire Course

AED 25,000


2-3 trimesters part-time

Develop your skills

Build essential skills and knowledge to meet your career or study goals. Topics you’ll cover include:

  • International education: issues and practices.
  • Teaching, learning and working in culturally diverse environments
  • Inquiry-based learning and reflective practice in IB and international schools

Units you will complete:

  • EDU616 (3cp) - Teaching, Learning and Working in Culturally Diverse Environments: This unit is designed for anyone wishing to better understand what constitutes culture, and the social dynamics of culturally diverse environments. It addresses critical issues related to cultural diversity in education, at work and the community at large – to make one more effective and confident in intercultural interactions.

  • EDN 519 (3cp) - International Education: Issues and Practices: This unit focuses on the key concepts, issues and practices surrounding international education and schools, including the impact of globalization and internationalization, and the nature of international mindedness.

  • EDN 517 (6cp) - Learning: Multiple Perspectives, Policies and Practice: This capstone unit offers an individual inquiry-based approach to learning where students critically reflect on their work, form insights on the contextual factors, policies and practices that influence it, and ultimately improve their practice. Students explore critical incidents related to their work from multiple perspectives, and analyse, evaluate and reflect on them via a theoretical framework.

Your Career

Graduates will be equipped to work in international schools throughout the world including International Baccalaureate schools and those schools internationalising their curriculum.

Professional recognition

This course has been authorised by the International Baccalaureate (IB). On completion, students will be eligible to receive a Teaching and Learning Certaificate from the International Baccalaureate Organisation.

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