Your journey to Murdoch University Dubai is about to start. Once you have accepted your offer, here are the next steps you need to consider while you prepare for your move to Dubai.

When to arrive

We recommend that you arrive at least a few days prior to orientation to give yourself enough time to settle in, recover from any jet lag and familiarise yourself with your new surroundings.

Airport reception

International students commencing at Murdoch University Dubai can apply for airport reception directly with the accommodation provider. Refer to the Accommodation page for more information in regards to accommodation options available.

Phone and internet

Dubai has 3 main providers for mobile and internet - Etisalat, DU and Virgin Mobile. Make sure you compare prices and options before choosing the service that is best for you. There is also online app options available for keeping in touch with family such as BOTIM and C Me.

Clothing in Dubai

Students at Murdoch University Dubai dress casually on campus. Most students wear jeans and shirts almost year-round! While it is warm in Dubai all year-round, it is wise to pack some long-sleeved clothes and jumpers, as all inside areas are air-conditioned.

Don't stress if you forget to pack anything, as Dubai has all of the regular retail stores you are use to, so you can purchase more items when you arrive.


Make sure you bring copies of all your documentation with you, including your passport and credit cards. Keep the originals in your hand luggage and also leave a copy of all your important documents with someone at home.

You will need to consider the following:

Accommodation references

If you plan to rent accommodation, try and bring reference from people who know you eg. Family friends or school teachers - this will make signing a tenancy agreement a lot easier.

Medical records

Bring your medical records and any prescriptions with a letter from your doctor; you should also bring an English translation of these documents.

Luggage requirements

The check-in weight for economy class flights is usually 30kgs (check baggage allowance with your airline). Your luggage should be clearly labelled with your name and contact address. It is advisable to lock your luggage. Never agree to bring a bag or other items to Dubai for someone else, as it may contain something illegal and you will be held accountable for it.

Working in Dubai

Under the Federal Law, students over 18 can apply for work permits enabling them to apply for part-time jobs to help fund their education, rent and general expenses. For the more ambitious students, this enables them to apply for internships or work experience while studying, something that will give them a competitive advantage when applying for jobs after graduating. While this is applicable to the mainland, other jurisdictions have implemented similar regulations for student employment. The Dubai Creative Clusters Authority, for example, announced on October 18 that students from selected universities are able to take up employment at about 4,500 businesses across nine creative clusters including Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City and Dubai Studio City.