Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Latest Information
  1. Is the University completely online right now?

 Yes, as mandated by the UAE government and KHDA, the campus is closed until further notice to all students, staff and visitors. All classes, assessments and exams have been conducted online 8th March onwards and will continue to do so until further government directives.

  1. Are online classes mandatory to attend?

Attendance to your scheduled classes is not optional. While the university doesn’t follow a 100% class attendance policy, joining the online learning sessions will provide the required information, tools and engagement needed to successfully complete your enrolled units.

  1. How are student attendance and engagement recorded?

Attending online classes isn’t just about logging in and then mentally logging out. Interaction is gauged by your faculty throughout the session by reviewing analytics shared by the learning platform, the swiftness of your response, your interaction (verbal or written) with peers and the teacher and your performance in the breakout groups.

  1. How are assessments and exams being conducted?

The university has developed a range of online assessments. In some instances, exams are completed offline and then uploaded for marking. In other cases, students complete their exams entirely online within a specified time limit. Many of the regular assessment activities have been successfully transitioned to the online environment. So, students are able to complete group presentations to their classes online, working from their individual locations.

The real value of these experiences is the way in which it is preparing our students for the future workplace which will inevitably make use of online interactions. The skills our students learn in working collaboratively online and engaging in group work virtually will translate into valuable skills for the workplace of the future.

  1. Do students have the same study load?

Students continuing with us can choose to have the same study load and enrol full-time. All new students joining us online in May 2020 have been advised to enrol in 1-2 units to first familiarise themselves with the online learning environment. Once comfortable and meeting their faculty’s performance expectations, they can enrol in more units from the next trimester.

  1. Do students still have access to study material and resources, the library and their faculty?

Yes, students have access to the entire online library within the LMS (Learning Management System). They can also access Studiosity, an online, on-demand study help platform available to all Murdoch students 24x7.

Studiosity has two main services available to students:

Writing Feedback:  Students can submit draft written assignments to receive feedback on their writing - specifically language, structure, grammar, spelling and referencing.

Live Connect:  Students can seek study support online with academic literacy skills and core subject reports.

All students can also directly contact their faculty and program coordinators with details provided to them. 

Finally, they can schedule one-on-one online consultations with our Student Learning Advisor three days a week for any support on:

  • Time management skills
  • Research & writing skills
  • Academic Integrity
  • Career development
  1. When will the University resume face to face classes?

While we are eager to resume face to face classes in our brand-new campus in Dubai Knowledge Park, the safety of the entire Murdoch Dubai family is our priority. We will wait for updates by the UAE government and KHDA on campus reopening and share any relevant information with our students, staff and partners at the earliest. Until then, we will continue to successfully create and deliver our online learning sessions across all programs.